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Tik Tok Awards Drawingzila Geral_edited.

To announce the creators nominated for the 2022 TikTok Awards and invite them to walk on the big pink carpet from the event, TikTok called Drawingzilla to illustrate seven tarot cards that represent some of the main categories, like “hit me without brakes” “feat with success” and “pov: taking over the world”.


The illustrations were created to translate the cool and likable communication from TikTok, talking directly to Gen Z. Come and visit some of these mystical settings of illustrations full of prophecies in the project below.


Creative Director: Cris Albano

Art Director: Eduard Cirilo, Nayla Alana and Enzo Roncari

Illustrations: Drawingzilla

Production and Approval: GALERIA.AG

Illustration Agency: OIO - Xando Franzolim

Drawingzila Cartas Tik Tok Awards_edited
Carta TikTok Drawingzila.png
Drawingzila Moletom.PNG
Drawingzila TikTok Cartas Voando.png
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